December 12, 2013

Cold Snap

The Frost Delay... Not exactly the favorite of situations for golfers or the maintenance staff. The last nine days of cold weather continues to be, well I'll just say, frustrating. The average low temperature for this period has been 32 degrees and with the average high just over 50 degrees, we are all more than ready for the forecast of warmer weather this weekend.

Here are a few pictures of frost and the damage to turf that can be associated with golfing when it's just to darn cold...

Cart tracks across the first fairway. Must have been to cold to drive there!

Foot prints from one foursome playing a green. If allowed to play during a period of frost / freeze, these foot prints could turn yellow to black to dead depending on the severity of damage.

Take a look at the USGA video on frost delays:

Thanks for your patience and understanding over the last 10 days. Soon temps will warm and we will get some rain... I hope!