February 22, 2011

Meet Hack McDuff

Hello Golfers, players of the greatest game ever invented. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hack McDuff. You don't know me but you know who I am. You know the guy who plays at least two times per week but can barely break 120, but that's OK I love the game. I want to talk about how each and every one of you can help to make this game more enjoyable for all players. I will be addressing an issue in need of repair on the golf course, etiquette. Long time players hopefully understand what etiquette is all about but this will be geared to those needing some help. New players beginning the game are typically in such a hurry to learn the game often not enough effort is devoted to etiquette.
Etiquette 101 will become this portion of the blog. I will be making comments on golf course abuse as I see it and from time to time I will provide pictures of some of the abuse I see as I hack my way around the golf course. Please don't be upset be happy, you will learn a few things.
Now I know not many of you have read the rule book, produced by the USGA and the R&A of St. Andrews, Scotland. These two organizations are charged with preserving and maintaining the integrity and tradition of the game. Section I of the rule book speaks of etiquette as the behavior of a player on the golf course. Every player should direct consideration to others on the course at all times. This thought translates to leaving the golf course in better condition than you found it. Think about that simple statement, what can be done to leave the golf course in better condition? You the player has the responsibility to tidy up after yourself; repair ball marks, replace/fill divots and general housekeeping. Should you hire a caddy to assist you along the way it is still your obligation as the player, to ensure that all the proper steps are taken. I have seen lazy caddies and some of them need some coaxing. This etiquette business is brought to the forefront to point out the fact that if all golfers played with it in mind the game would be more enjoyable for all. The rule book can be viewed at for those interested.
Well, so now you have met me and you will see me from time to time in this blog with some very important information.

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