January 5, 2012

Winter Update

Winter. What winter? With a rain total for the season of 3.75", all of which came in October and November and with temperatures in the high 60's, winter has yet to show her face. The last of the rains came and went in late November and since then, the staff in the turf department have been hard at work preparing the golf course for play. This time of year is when the staff is taking vacations and time off to rest up for the long season ahead. Please keep this in mind when you play the golf course as there is just not enough people to attend to all the details as if it were the summer. That being said, I am happy to say that we have kept the golf course in great playing condition and we've managed to complete a few good projects.

16 Tee Leveling and Re-Sodding:

Due to root encroachment, traffic and age, the back half of the tee on 16 had become uneven to the point we could no longer place tee markers on level ground. The turf was stripped, the ground leveled and the tee re-sodded. We hope to have the tee open for play in the coming weeks.

Drainage Addition #7 Approach:

Using our new trencher, the staff installed over 300 feet of new drain pipe to the approach on #7. This approach has been a notoriously wet area in both summer and winter and with this drainage addition we expect the area to play firm year around.

Maintenance Facility TLC:

Our new Equipment Manager Mike Newbould has been given the task of re-structuring and organizing the maintenance facility. With the help of some of the staff, Mike has made some major improvements to an area in desperate need of just that. With the removal of some antiquated equipment and a bit of reorganization, the facility has never looked better or been more efficient. The staff now has their own space for lockers, clothes racks, rain gear and changing area. The equipment all has a specific place and is put away neatly at the end of each day. Serenity Now! for the Equipment Manager... well we're getting there. Thanks to Mike and the staff for the work around the shop.

New Look for Blog in 2012!

I'm sure you've noticed the new look for the blog. The changes came courtesy of Peter McCormick at and I will say much thanks to him and everyone at Turfnet for helping with the blog and for all they do for us superintendent types. It's people like Peter that make this business so special to be a part of.


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