April 4, 2012

Greens Update and Fairway Aeration


Two weeks out from our core aeration, despite the cool and wet weather, the greens are coming back nicely. The picture below was taken on #17 green on this past Saturday after just 10 days.

The tricky part of aerating the greens this time of year is timing the process around the weather, rain and member events. Because the greens were so wet due to the March rains (5.38 inches!) we were unable to perform our entire greens aeration that was to include a deep, solid tine aeration as well. This process will take place over a 2 day period on April 9 & 10. Monday, we will solid tine the greens on the back nine and putting green. Tuesday April 10th, the front nine will be closed for the solid tine aeration. This will include a light application of sand and will be of minimal disturbance.


To my knowledge, the fairways here at Claremont have never had a true core aeration. As we all know, the intensive fairway sanding over the last 12 years has built up a fantastic sand base and now it is time to change our approach to how we manage that base. Below are pictures that will take you through the sequence of events during our fairway aeration.

Core Aeration on 12 Fairway

Seed applied over the top of the Fairway

The sandy cores and seed are driven over with the Core Buster Drag Mat.
This process breaks up the cores and disperses the seed into the hole and
Throughout the fairway.

Once the plugs are broken up and seed is dispersed, the remaining debris is
blown into the rough to be mowed.

Up close view of cores on the fairway. Notice the dark thatch rings on each
core. Great example of why we need to aerate!

Up close view of the finished product.

Knowing this is a new process to Claremont, much thought has been given to effectively accomplish our goals for the golf course all the while minimizing the impact to our membership and their guests. Yesterday and over the next week, if you are on the golf course, there is no doubt your round of golf will be impacted at some point. We will do all we can to minimize the impact by working efficiently and scheduling creatively. The remaining fairway aeration schedule is below:

Wednesday April 4 : Holes 9, 16 & 17

Thursday April 5 : Hole 11

Friday April 6 : Holes 15 & 6

Monday April 9 : Holes 1 & 18

Tuesday April 10 : Holes 4, 5 & 7

Thank you and we'll see you on the course!

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