September 7, 2012

Good Bye Summer - Hello Fall

Shorter days, cooler mornings and the sweet smell of recovery... All things pointing towards the beautiful fall season. Simply put, this summer has been a grind and has kept the staff and I on our toes with projects and keeping the golf course in shape throughout many busy days and some difficult growing conditions. In our attempt to keep the golf course firm and fast, we have seen some areas of the course struggle due to various issues. Dry areas, wet areas, turf diseases, insect damage and the constant wear and tear that comes with providing the playing conditions that we have come to enjoy all take a toll. While I have been happy with the condition of the golf course, I see much room for improvement and this summer has been quite the learning experience.

The changing of the season brings with it cooler mornings and shorter days and that means turf recovery. Fall also brings a busy golf and tournament season here at Claremont. As we push through the next few months on tuning up the course for the remaining events, the focus will remain providing consistent conditions on a daily basis and preparing for the upcoming rainy season. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for a big rain year!

Keep a look out for upcoming blogs on the many projects that took place over the last few months and bare with me as things have been so busy that the blog has had to take a back seat for a while. As always, any member suggestions on content for this blog are welcome and wanted. Here's to the fall and we'll see you on the course!

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