November 20, 2012

A Special Thanks

Sadly, it’s that time of year when we have to say goodbye to our seasonal employees.  These guys provide a great assistance to the rest of our staff, as many more projects and special details around the golf course are completed.  Each individual has very unique skill sets and certainly made a positive impact on the golf course.  Their “can do” attitude definitely resonates throughout the staff and supports a healthy working environment.

The seasonal staff did the majority of walk mowing, both greens and collars.  They also spent time in working the corridors of the property, with pruning of trees/ shrubs around the fence line.  Other tasks include, edging sprinklers, bunker detail, clean-up during aerification, flower bed maintenance, blowing fairways and rough, and hand watering of tees, approaches, and fairways. 

These guys will certainly be missed and we hope to see all of them again next year!  Thanks for the great work!

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