February 13, 2013

First tee irrigation project

Last week the crew worked hard to install new irrigation heads around #1 tee.  This area is notorious for being very dry during the summer months and requires daily hand watering.  By installing an additional 8 irrigation heads, the slope heading up to the putting green, as well as the turf surrounding the oak tree will now be sufficiently watered. 

The pictures below help describe the process.

Once the spacing of the irrigation heads had been determined,
the crew began by removing the sod and laying plywood before trenching.
With the plywood in place, we trenched all the lines in order to install our 1 1/2" pvc pipe. 

Buzz inspecting the project.

With the trench cleaned and measured for a depth of 18", the crew began the process
 of installing the irrigation pipe.  (Notice the huge rock on the bottom left of the picture. 
The crew ran into several big rocks throughout this process
which certainly slowed down this project.)

With the pvc pipe in the ground, the crew started the process of replacing the soil
that had been removed during trenching. 

Carlos carefully replacing the sod.

View from the sidewalk heading down to the golf shop.


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