March 7, 2013

Spring Aeration Schedule

This coming Monday all systems are a go for our spring aeration. The weather forecast is for clear skies and temperatures in the high 60's making for near perfect aeration conditions. See the schedule below:

Monday 3/11 - Front 9 Greens Aeration & Sanding

Tuesday 3/12 - Back 9 Greens Aeration & Sanding (Back 9 CLOSED for the day)

Wednesday 3/13 to Friday 3/15 - Tee & Approach Aeration & Sanding

Monday 3/18 to Wednesday 3/27 - Fairway Aeration

There are many factors that play into a successful aeration. Equipment malfunctions and breakdowns, rain and/or cold weather, tournaments and large amounts of play can all effect the timing and efficiency of the operation. Check back here on the blog over the next few weeks for updates on the progress of the aeration.

Why must we punch holes and bury the greens in sand you may ask? Click on the link below for a short video courtesy of the USGA on the how's and why's of a green aeration. Thanks and we'll see you on the course!


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  2. Thanks for sharing this information! I have been looking into turf vancouver and what they offer! This looks like great turf as well though! Can you tell me where to find more of it? Thanks again for sharing!

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