June 20, 2013

Summer Maintenance On the Course

Summer is here and as we finish off the Men's and Women's Invitationals that magical date of July 4th is rapidly approaching. For the staff in the Turf Department, this means one thing... Summer Aeration.

Here is the schedule of events for our summer maintenance:

July 8 & 9: Core Aeration & Sanding of GREENS

July 10 to 12: Core Aeration & Sanding of TEES

July 15 to 24: Core Aeration of FAIRWAYS

July 8 to 16: Drainage Installation on 2, 3, 11 & 12 GREENS

**During Drainage work on greens, play will be on a temporary green. Expect each green to be out of play for 2 to 3 days**

Along with the standard summer aeration, XGD Drainage Co. will be installing subsurface drains into the greens on holes 2, 3, 11, & 12. These greens are the poor performers in terms of drainage especially during the winter months and the new drains will help to keep the course playable and healthy throughout the year. The XGD process was on full display last week at Merion Golf Club for the US Open when the course took over 7 inches of rain during the days leading up to the event. Much like Claremont, the greens at Merion are old push up greens that were drained in 2008 using the XGD method which does not disturb the surface of the green outside of the drain channel and does not alter contour what so ever. Each green will be out of play for a maximum of 3 days while the drains are installed and will be ready for play immediately once completed. Below is a link to XGD's own blog:

Any questions or comments on the upcoming maintenance are welcome and wanted. Find me on the course, shoot me an email or give me a call... whichever you prefer I'd be happy to help! Thanks and we'll see you on the course.


  1. Very interesting. I saw some people installing turf in Vancouver and this reminded me of that.

  2. I think this would be fairly pleasant work, besides the heat during the summer! What is the hardest part about Okanagan turf installation? That tractor would be pretty fun to ride though!