February 9, 2014

Thank You... It's About Time!

What a difference a week makes. The storm door has officially opened and the last ten days has brought the East Bay hills just over 4 inches of much needed rain. The picture above was taken this morning and as I write, the rain continues to fall.

The creek is running hard and our irrigation pond has come up significantly in the last 48 hours.

This series of storms is the first since November 2012 to produce any significant rainfall and has everyone in the Turf Department breathing a deep sigh of relief. As with all heavy rains, there will be much clean up and detail work in the coming days and weeks and that's just fine. We'll take it

Just a few more pictures of the golf course this morning... I must say that the smile on my face coming into work this morning was ear to ear!

Even Buzz joined in the fun by chasing some geese and playing in the creek! Really a great day to be on the course...

Nice of winter to show up albeit a few months late. The recent storms will help fill up ponds and reservoirs around California but is really just a drop in the bucket. Thank You Mother Nature... It's About Time and Keep It Coming!


  1. I've been paying attention to the serious water issues in California. I'm so happy to see some drought relief and I hope that you get some more. Hope you have a great season

    1. Thanks Joel. We are happy to get some rain but needs to keep coming. More rain in that 5 day stretch than all of 2013! Keep up the good work at Tacoma. The blog is great and the course looks really cool. Hope to get up there one day.