September 25, 2014

First Rain in 5 months!

He's baaackack...........

Yes, it's been some time since this blog was updated and I couldn't think of a better reason to do so... First rain of the Season! As I speak the creek is running, the rain gauge shows .5" with  more forecast to fall throughout the day. It's been a long year for all of us in the Turf Department and a good September rain gives us some hope that this season will be a wet one. Without a doubt, the best day of the year.

This rain will no doubt help some of the stressed areas on the course perk up as we enter our busy fall golf and tournament season. It will also get these greens growing nicely leading up to next weeks aeration helping to speed recovery.

Dave Procter - Lead Assistant Superintendent

I'd like to introduce Dave Procter as the newest addition to the management team in the Turf Department. Most of you know Dave by now. He's made his way to Claremont from across the pond in England with stops at Olympic Club and Ruby Hill along the way. Thanks to Dave, Assistant Superintendent Ismael Valadez,  Equipment Manager Mike Newbould and all the staff on the course for their efforts this year.

As we move forward the Turf Blog will evolve into just that, a true blog where we will update more frequently on a wide range of topics involving all things on the course and more. We will periodically send out an email to the members notifying of an update to the blog. With the addition of "On The Course" to the monthly newsletter, we are communicating to the entire membership with big picture stuff. Look for this page to include a wider array of topics... Stay tuned and check back often.

Thanks and we'll see you On The Course.

Josh Clevenger; Golf Course Superintendent

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  1. It's always amazed me that the greens for golf courses are so well maintained. Is there ever a point where there are dead patches of grass that need to be replaced? My last job tried ordering some grass to fill in some of the empty space at one point, and regardless of how careful they were to maintain it, it still ended up needing to be replaced within two years.
    Andre |