January 8, 2015

Putting Things Back Together

It's been a whirlwind start to winter this season. Over 13 inches of rain in December followed by two strong wind storms followed by three days of frost followed by a few 70 degree days... What's the simple Greenkeeper to think? (See my head spinning currently)

I think it's gonna be a wet spring cause it sure doesn't look like there is rain coming anytime soon!

We are fortunate that the rain let up and gave us time to catch up on mowing, fixing of bunkers and the repair the 1st green.

Ismael working on the sod repair work on #1 green.

Miguel and Moises finishing up the repair work.

With all the wind just before the New Year, a few more trees came down.

A large Redwood in the grove between 18 and 9

Acacia trees down to the right of 15 green.

We also lost a large Eucalyptus along the fence line of #16.

The staff has been hard at work repairing damage to greens and fairways and cleaning up the golf course in preparation for play. They have done well despite being short staffed and I thank them for their work.

The course is playing nicely now that it's had some time to dry and receive some much needed TLC. I encourage you to come out for a round of golf and enjoy the fun winter conditions.

Cheers for a fantastic 2015!

Josh Clevenger; Golf Course Superintendent

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