November 30, 2015

Still Thankful

Just a day after Thanksgiving we are reminded that the golf course does not take days off.

Grass still grows on a holiday, leaves fall on a holiday and yes, pipes can break on a holiday. The picture here is not a new water feature at 14 green but a busted valve late on the Friday after Thanksgiving. At least it didn't happen on Thursday afternoon. Just a part of the job and yes, we're still Thankful!

It got pretty cold here this week with a few frost delays. Please check in with the golf shop if you have an early tee time and cold weather is expected. While we can live with a little frost in the rough, we will hold players from going out when the tees and greens have frost. Thank you for your patience during these times and please know we are doing what is best for your golf course.

Thanks and we'll see you on the course!

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