January 20, 2011

Fairway Drainage #7

If you have been on the course over the last week I'm sure you've seen the extensive drain work being performed on #7 fairway.  With winter this year bringing an early 12" of rain, the wet areas on this fairway have given us many problems that we are now addressing.  A classic "herringbone" drain will be installed at a depth of 18 to 24 inches.  The drain work begins with the trenching and removal of the native clay soils and rock.  We then line the trench with pea gravel and install the 3" perforated drain pipe.  The trench will then be filled with pea gravel to 6" from the surface.  The top 6" of the trench will be filled with a mix of sand and compost prior to replacing the sod.  The end goal being an area that will drain well during winter rain events and will stand up to traffic from golf carts and maintenance vehicles alike.

All work on this project is being done "in-house" by the maintenance staff here at Claremont.  Drainage work by nature is dirty, labor intensive and time consuming.  When you see the guys out there in a ditch, don't hesitate to give a wave and thank them!   

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