January 27, 2011

Firm and Fast in January?

Is it me or does it feel like springtime out there?  The current dry period that we're going through is not uncommon to the area.  Climate is certainly one of the things that keeps us here in northern California.  Sure we deal with some rain and cold throughout the winter but all things considered, we've got it pretty good.

So, where am I going with this?  I got the question the other day about the firmness of some greens and why we had not been watering.  My answer was that we would not water until we absolutely have to.  It's January still, it will rain again I promise!  Soon enough we will be watering every night, but it's now through spring and into early summer that is conditioning time for turfgrass.  Much like a boxer training for the big fight, our grasses need to be conditioned and "in-shape" prior to the battle of summer.  These extended periods  in between rains allow the surface to dry out as water moves down through the soil profile.   It's a great time to let roots go looking for water.   What we do now as turfgrass managers can and will set the tone for the year.

#16 Fairway "Drying Down"

Morning Set-up

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