January 16, 2011

Maiden Voyage

Well, here we go....  Today is day one for the Claremont Turf Department Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to share information on the maintenance of the golf course and grounds here at Claremont Country Club.  We hope to, at the same time answer your questions about the methods and techniques we use to achieve the conditions that you as members expect.  It is our goal in the turf department to provide the best possible playing experience daily for our members and their guests and we intend for this blog to one day be a part of that experience.  We will update the blog at least twice a month with pertinent information.  When something comes up on the golf course, we will talk about it here.  We will start slow with the blog and work our way into it. Much like the golf course, expect things here to change and evolve as we go. 

Josh Clevenger
Assistant Superintendent

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