March 28, 2011

Etiquette 101

Good Day Golfers, Hack McDuff here to point out some correctable behavior on the golf course. A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I came upon the forth green to notice a significant amount of sand on the putting green surface. I know for a fact the green's crew had earlier in the morning performed their cleaning, mowing and rolling operations so they could not be blamed for neglecting their duties. Clearly what took place was a player not taking the time to knock off the sand from their shoes while they were still in the long grass of the rough. Upon walking out of a bunker a light tap to the sole of your shoe with your club, while you are in the rough, will solve the problem. During the morning hours there is a significant amount of dew throughout the golf course and while walking your shoes become wet outside; as you walk into a freshly raked bunker the sand will attach to your wet shoes and will be deposited on the putting green as you walk. This amount of sand can be a real bother to a ball rolling on the green unless it is cleaned off. Please pay attention to the LPGA and the PGA players the next time you are watching an event on television, they expect perfection at all times and they are very careful not to leave debris in their own way. I am posting this photo because truly a picture is worth a thousand words. See you next time. Fore!