March 20, 2011

A Wet Spring Ahead!

As I write this post, all that comes to mind is rain!  Rain total for this past week is now at 3.5" and the forecast is for more of the same.  We in the turf department, like many of you in the golfing membership are itching to get on with our spring time practices but mother nature obviously has other plans in store. 

Looking at the bright side, we have nearly completed all of our winter time maintenance detail including:

  • painting and re-finishing of all benches
  • oiling and water-proofing of bunker rakes
  • re-finishing wooden flagsticks
  • raising and leveling of fairway sprinkler heads and installation of yardage markers on sprinklers
  • six drainage projects (7, 14, 15 fairway, 18 approach, 8 & 10 green/collar)
  • the leveling and re-sodding of #17 tee.
This winter has been quite productive despite the above average rainfall (23.52" to date) and needless to say, we are ready for the golfing season!!!

I've added a link below to a thread on the discussion board of Golf Club  This website is all about the world of golf course architecture and is frequented by many of the big names in that field.  Last October, the golf pro from Cork in Ireland played the course during the RIX tournament and posted his thoughts along with pictures of the golf course.  Keep in mind, this is a discussion board with many people sharing their opinions, including our consulting architect Jim Urbina.  Many good comments to the golf course and the restoration work done here and all involved should be proud of the work accomplished.

Please enjoy the pictures and commentary on Claremont with the thought of summertime firm & fast golfing conditions planted in the back of your head!,46286.0.html

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